2021.12.07 21:37 Virtual_Nudge MapMyRun

I'm new to the Garmin family (just got a Fenix 6X Pro), and am enjoying having all this new data!
Previously, I used MapMyRun when I went out for a jog, and I'm wondering:

  1. Can I import my MapMyRun data into Garmin Connect? (I see I can do it the other way around...)
  2. Is there any real benefit to this? Would Garmin Connect get a better understanding of things with this info?
I've seen mention of 3rd party apps etc. but wanted to ask here before I really bother as there might be little real value in doing so.
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2021.12.07 21:37 AraceliGarzas Me since 12:00 AM on Valentine’s Day

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2021.12.07 21:37 Maverick-X2k5 New PC won't boot - Debug LED says VGA but GPU is intact

Hey there,

after many years (i5 4760k) I finally built a new PC. After all that thrill of anticipation I'm at the end of my knowledge, or at least of what comes to mind...
First of all the specs: CPU: Ryzen 5800x MB: MSI X570 Tomahawk Wifi Cooler: MSI MAG Coreliquid 360r RAM: 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3600 MHz, 2 DIMMs GPU: MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr 2GB (yeah... it still works, so...) PSU: BeQuiet! Straight Power 11 850W Drive: Samsung PM9A1 2TB M.2 SSD
Symptoms: I've installed and connected everything, turned it on and didn't get a signal. First the BOOT debug led lit up but then i noticed I did not connect the DP cable... duh! With the DP cable connected the VGA led lit up so I reseatet the GPU, tried the other PCIe slot but nothing changed (except I never saw the BOOT led again. VGA led still does not show up with DP cable connected)
Things I tried so far include disconnecting everything not needed, no drives, no RGB, no case connectors except buttons. I've taken out one RAM stick and switched to the other as nothing changed. I did a BIOS update and resetted the BIOS by taking out the battery for 5-10min (no jumper at hand). Everything is new except the GPU, but I put it back into my old PC and it still works.
If someone has any suggestion, it would be much appreciated. I'm on the edge of bringing it to a shop and that would be a first time in 20 years of building PCs xD
Thanks, Mav
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2021.12.07 21:37 MultiForms So who do you blame?

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2021.12.07 21:37 lanqG I will rate your favourite song!

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2021.12.07 21:37 No-Question-6828 27 year old male looking for a sugar mama

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2021.12.07 21:37 l3gi0n0fH3ll Is there a controller tester on Windows with pressure sensitivity support ?

I want to test a bunch of PS2 controllers. I need to check if pressure sensitivity works on each one.
I know there is an .elf that does this on a PS2 there a tester on Windows that can do this ?
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2021.12.07 21:37 littlecranky Creep

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2021.12.07 21:36 mattersmuch Looking to have a battle map made, any advice?

I know there are hundreds or thousands of talented at artists out there who would be happy to do a commission like this, but I just don't really have any idea what I'm getting into, so really any advice, insight, or hell, offers are welcome.
I'll be running a home game for a party of 5 mid level characters run by still fairly new players. It's our first home game as a group and it will be everyone's first time at a DND home game including myself. It's also going to be less than a week away from a year anniversary since our first session together, which was a first session for all of us (myself included). I want to do something a bit special and exciting for them as a surprise, and I thought a battle map for the fight they're already in the middle of would be pretty neat! On the other hand, I don't really have any idea how much something like this would cost and I don't want to spend an unreasonable amount of cash on it (though I fully expect and intend to pay something).
I can give more details as needed, but if it peaks anyone's interest: the battle map I'm looking for is something that I could print on say three 12x12" or so sheets, the location is Space (astral plane, whatever), inside of a three-story space shuttle which is sort of breaking apart, and is also being enveloped by a much larger ship piloted by gith Pirates (this is Kandlekeep Konstruktion gone horribly off the rails).
Thanks in advance for all your high WIS rolls.
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2021.12.07 21:36 RuffandTumbleGal OFA hell

Heck of a crazy day. Started off ok but got crazy around 4 ish I think it was.
Lots of BOPIS, manager wanting me to work on Deliveries, supervisor and customer service randomly giving me things to do, got caught in electrical by several customers, and then it turned out one OFA had quit yesterday and another was supposed to be there but didn’t show. So we had three OFAs for the day.

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2021.12.07 21:36 ZoolShop Boris Johnson urged to ‘come clean’ after aides filmed joking about ‘Christmas party’

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2021.12.07 21:36 SurburbanCowboy Jussie Smollett Testifies, 'Admits to Intimate Relationship with Star Witness'

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2021.12.07 21:36 Majestic_Actuator_40 ESSA É UMA FESTA, COM MUSICA NO FONE DE OUVIDO, PARA QUE NAO SEI

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2021.12.07 21:36 himmelsleiter 24M: constantly new stretch marks, even on body parts that are not subject to strain (biceps, neck)

Main complaint: stria distensae (stretch marks), disseminated on whole body, progressively worsening even without any strain on skin, new ones appearing on penis shaft and neck
I am 24M, 180cm, 78kg, moderately trained, european+middle east origin, Germany. No recreational drugs (no alcohol, no smoking, no coffee). Addicted for more than 2 yrs to detumesing nasal spray (Xylometazoline only, no glucocorticoids), multiple doses every night. Doing a specific immuno therapy against mites allergy for 1yr. In psychotherapy for depression (no complementary drugs).
I had stretch marks ever since puberty at which time I was also overweight (up to ~95kg). I had developed stretch marks from more stretch-intense workouts, e.g., from squatting, cossack squats (both without any weight), split training.
But: In the last 6ish months I hit a new "episode" that has progressively worsened. Stretch marks appeared after workouts (approx. 3 sets of 10 pull ups) even though I had been doing similar workouts without any issues for years. 6 months ago my biceps were full of clean skin. Now they have many stretch marks. Even during 4 weeks of full (!) rest wrt. workouts, I got new stretch marks on my biceps. And I haven't developed any noticable hypertrophy on my biceps, so I doubt hypertrophy to be a cause of stretch marks.
Stretch marks have appeared on my penis shaft (having done nothing unusual, masturbating with hands only like always) and neck (how even?). Why should stretch marks appear there? The skin size has been constant there for years.
Cushing syndrome was ruled out by Dexamethasone suppression test.
Do you know any cause other than genetic diseases (Ehlers-Danlos, Marfan)?
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2021.12.07 21:36 msva090997 Wu Dong Qian Kun is a trashy novel

I read 500 chapters of this novel and nothing interesting happed so far, everything amounts to little skirmishes which progressively stronger opponents in a very unnatural way. Like, mc now has the power(his own or with items and other things) to destroy people in the initial stage x realm, but would have trouble against the late stage so the next young master is going to be at the late stage and after getting strong enough to not have problem with late-stage the next is going to be at initial stage x+1 realm and so on.
The characters are really boring, I can't think of one character that was interesting. Mc's family is very generic and with the exception of his sister they are all background characters, his mother being the worst case, she feels like a dead mother, but she is actually alive, she doesn't do anything and even when the mc went to save her specifically she was still treated like a background character.
I still don't understand why the first/main waifu and the mc are a thing, can't remember her name, I only call her cherry popper and she went from trying to kill the mc for taking her virginity to saving him and maybe even liking him for no reason. I also don't understand why she went to that tomb just to get a nirvana heart, since it appears that where she comes from nirvana realm are pretty common so why would she need to have all this trouble of going to a small empire just to get it.
Another problem is that enemies almost always escape from the mc, even though he always say that it's better to kill an enemy in order to prevent future problems the author always finds a way to let them escape, and he doesn't even take their qian kun bags so it is very annoying, the worst one is the first major antagonist, the one who hurt his father, he should be dead already by now, but apparently, the author is too attached to him to let him go.
There are more things, but basically, it feels like everything that happens is filler and nothing interesting ever happens, so far this isn't a harem novel, but it's structured like one, for a power fantasy it's too mild and the cultivation is very boring and unexciting.
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2021.12.07 21:36 kteachergirl Taking my kid to see a children’s band…

Should I ask my husband for a sexual walkabout so I can Yoko them?
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2021.12.07 21:36 ImportanceSilver3251 Josh Allen 2021 Highlights 😂

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2021.12.07 21:36 TryGroundbreaking485 🤏🕶😟

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2021.12.07 21:36 Stenchrat16 10/10!! First time!!

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2021.12.07 21:36 Odd_Dimension550 Should trans women be able to compete in women sports?

Personally i think all trans athletes should compete in mens and we call the classes women and open.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 21:36 Caoimhe56 I’m so over getting help from support

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2021.12.07 21:36 TheDreamEgg Eternity For The Endless, Made in StarryAI

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2021.12.07 21:36 Coddaiq How can I best prepare for my reading this afternoon?

Hey mediums! I have a reading this afternoon, I’m really excited mostly because I’m hoping that we can connect with my late brother. What are some things I can do throughout today that can prepare me for the reading and give me a good chance of my brother bringing himself forward? Things like music that I should listen to, etc.
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2021.12.07 21:36 crymsian same height

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2021.12.07 21:36 MammaDargon Xdinary Heroes Discord Community!

We have a community of folks excited about Xdinary Heroes debut here on discord and just wanted to share this for any people interested in another space to chat about them. We've been growing quite a lot already and look forward to seeing anyone who joins!
Also apologies if this is breaking any rules here in the community I could not find any rules regarding posts!
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