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MSN iLL WIll Press. Home of Foamy The Squirrel, Neurotically Yours, 4y-Records, Pum'Kin Guy and All sorts of stuff created by JiMathers LG, Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have pulled out all the stops, bringing cutting edge tech to truly gigantic screens, culminating in a 325-inch, 8K model that’ll fill your wall In 2006, Weird Al Yankovic paid homage to the alt-pop duo Sparks in his parodied "Virus Alert" on his Straight Outta Lynwood album. Having already Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames. A countdown clock to count the time left to a date of your choice. To create your own countdown, for your own date, with your own look and feel, follow the link at the bottom of this page. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.12.07 22:12 lemonkyyy Just bought this beauty🤩

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2021.12.07 22:12 LegendaryAllen7 Uber GPS directions "Close enough" lol

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2021.12.07 22:12 Diaboderondoni me lembrou a jade

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2021.12.07 22:12 Beautiful-Cold-3652 Question on Randomly distributing values in a matrix

I have a question I couldn’t figure out on Google: let’s say I have 36 objects that are all sequences of numbers (i.e. 5 to 15, 15 to 25, etc). I want to randomly distribute these numbers across a 200x200 matrix with certain probabilities that a given observation in the matrix will fall within each sequence (i.e. .2 prob that the number falls within 5-15, .3 within 15-25, etc). how could I do this? thanks!
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2021.12.07 22:12 hiimRobot Imperial College considers getting rid of the Huxley name. These are the consequences.

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2021.12.07 22:12 Belseba La muerte de un nene de dos años en Neuquén: la autopsia determinó que fue violado y golpeado, su padrastro fue detenido como sospechoso

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2021.12.07 22:12 Cold-Natured Does Camp 7 currently have water?

Camp 7 is a little over 3 miles south of High Pine Church Road on the Uwharrie Trail. I last visited that camp a few years ago. I recall the water supply (stream) was just trickling. I would like to camp there soon, but I’m concerned whether the stream has dried up with the current drought. If you have been there recently, can you advise me whether the stream is flowing?
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2021.12.07 22:12 Andick00 THIS GAME WOULDNT LET ME LEAVE 😂😭

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2021.12.07 22:12 NihilumMTG [Historic] Bo1 Izzet Phoenix Discussion

I recently got to mythic playing Izzet phoenix in the B01 que. The list is nothing revolutionary, but I do think phoenix is decently positioned and there are lots of deck-building choices that are flexible, and the deck is a blast to play. Below is my list, and I'll do a quick discussion of what I think are the core-cards and what are the flex spots/packages.
Land-base wise, I know that 4x canal is probably optimal but the tilt I get when I draw them on t4 is just too much for me.
Core: 4x DRC, Phoenix - these creatures are too good to not play the fullset of. 4x consider, 4x unholy heat, 4x expressive iteration, 4x looting. These cards are just the most efficient can-trips/CA/removal you can ask for.
Flex Creatures:
Brazen Borrower: 0-2 Copies: It's a nice catch-all answer to problematic permanents, I've done things with it like bouncing a stacked adanto vanguard or suited up creature that we otherwise couldn't remove, to bouncing rest in peace/cage to get a phoenix turn off. Also nice to be able to flash something in after a board wipe if it's telegraphed enough.
Sprite Dragon: 0-4 copies: I personally played 2, it seemed really good some games in the non interactive matchups where you just need to race and it becomes a 6-6 on turn 4 and gets in for 10 damage by turn 4. DRC into Sprite Dragon into 3 can trips on t3 binning a phoenix can put a lot of power on the board.
Crackling Drake: 0-3 copies: This is the win-con when your birds get exiled and they play grave yard hate. I run a 1 of maximize velocity to enable a win out of nowhere after they wipe your phoenix board. It's a bit awkward against some of the decks since it's expensive and if your t4 play gets removed by apparition you're probably losing to white-x decks.
Ox of Agonas/Demilich: 0-2 copies: Demlich is nice for tempo since you can sometimes play it for free, but Ox is a lot more consistent in the control matchup since he gets value from impacting the board and doesn't need to untap and swing. I personally played 1 ox, never felt like I needed more copies since I rarely lost due to gassing out and lost more to just Opus or some other control finisher. I think demilich probably wants 4x strike it rich to make comboing off easier.
Flex Interactions:
Pillar of Flame: I played 2 copies to find more sorceries for finale, it's okay, goes face too sometimes to close out. Nice versus all the mono-white/humans/elves/goblins.
Prismari Command/Abrade: Nice to have artifact hate, I had it in earlier iterations but I took it out this season since I didn't see many affinity decks or Jund Citadel and I saw more rest in peace than I saw lanterns/cage.
Lantern: I liked this inclusion a lot, I saw a lot of GY decks from Izzet mirror to re-animator and kroxa. This 1x won me a lot of games, and we have plenty of ways to discard/bin it and worst case it cycles itself. Also nice to turn on delirium.
Lightning Axe: Helps to discard phoenix sometimes, and useful for answering bigger threats. Probably wouldn't play it if I played command, and was my least liked inclusion.
Sweltering Sun: I used to play 2 copies and in hindsight I should have played them in this list given how many creature matchups I played against, but it can be a bit awkward sometimes since elves and mono-white can pump creatures big enough to survive it.
Flex Other:
Finale of Promise: One card to reanimate phoenix, forces you to play pillar tho imo otherwise you don't have enough targets. 1x.
Strike it Rich: I could see 4 copies of this alongside more copies of demilich and sprite dragon, makes it trivial to flip phoenix, but big card disadvantage.
Opt: A worse consider, but still quite good. I alternated between playing these and gaze, but ultimately decided that gaze caused me to actually gas out too often.
Otherworldly Gaze: Churns through your deck super quickly, more playable with demilich, possible to play a split of these with opt which I tried before, but settled on just 4x opt in the end.
Mono-white/GW Humans: Even, very dependent on play/draw. It's really hard to beat t1 esper sentinel t2 thalia t3 spellbinder on the draw since they can slow you down so much.
GW Enchantress: Very unfavored: Maybe I drew very poorly, but 4x sterling grove blanks a lot of our spot removal, and if they resolve 9 lives it's pretty much impossible for us to win since we probably don't go wide enough to kill them before they stick a solemnity. The fact that they sometimes maindeck rest in peace is even worse. We can't interact with enchantments well, our best case is to get a nuts aggro draw and kill them on turn 4 before they can set up.
GW Lifegain: Favored: Try to either bolt their payoffs or enablers, typically payoffs since they run more enablers than payoffs. Leave 1 mana up to bolt the oak later to not lose to the combo.
Elves: Favored: The 2 extra 1 mana burn spells we play help a lot, bolting their t1 play slows them down a lot. I usually just bolt t1/t2 mana dorks and lords to keep their board in check while racing with DRC/Bird.
Mono-red: Favored: We have burn spells and better card draw, as long as we don't lose early we naturally beat them by recurring phoenixes.
Reanimator: Slightly unfavored: 1x lantern is great here, if we can blank their first big play and force them to restock their GY we are in a good spot.
Creativity: Even/slightly unfavored: Pressure aggressively, force them to name creature to not die on board, and remove emissary. Borrower is really good here since it's an efficient answer to everything they do. Sometimes we're just too slow tho if we draw a load of removal spells and no pressure.
5c Niv: Even/slightly unfavored: Maybe they drew well against me, but they have a surprising amount of incidental GY hard with kavu + klothys, and niv draws them a lot of removal usually and demands an unholy heat to answer.
Jeskai/Azorious Control: Both feel favored if they don't draw GY hate, Azorious is a lot easier since it's harder for them to exile birds without anger of gods and don't have helix to buy time. Haste drake package is very good here since they usually have to tap out at some point to try and flip back control, so we can bonk them with a big boy.
U-x tempo decks: Very Favored: We are just a better version of their deck, we have plenty of removal to take out their early plays and their counterspells don't work well against our plan of recurring phoenixes, which coincidentally blocks well against their board.
G-x Decks: Even/slightly unfavored: Can be a bit rough if you can't turn on delirium since their bigger creatures might not die to 2 points of burn.
B-x Control/midrange: Very favored: Their game plan of discarding our hand doesn't work very well when we can utilize the GY and can flashback faithless looting and bring back birds.

While it seems a lot match-ups are even/favorable, you'll lose favorable matchups when your opponently randomly plays a t2 rest in peace and blanks most of your deck before you can get going
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2021.12.07 22:12 sburgess86 Quantitative and temporal measurement of dynamic autophagy rates

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2021.12.07 22:12 LostChampions New fan, just getting into the franchise. Where should I start in terms of mods/upgrades?

For more context, I own all three STALKER games; Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat (all on steam). I've heard from a lot of people that the mods are damn near vital to having the game run properly, and I'm wondering where to start? If anybody could give a list of mods, how to mod them, a tutorial, stuff like that, I would really appreciate it! I want to give STALKER a shot, as everybody says that its absolutely amazing.
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2021.12.07 22:12 NORDLAN Justice Kavanaugh’s Empty Democratic Promise

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2021.12.07 22:12 OverSurround126 bedroom and dream pop ✨

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2021.12.07 22:12 thestolenlighter How bad would it be to leave public after 5 months for a pay bump?

Graduated recently & started at a 2nd tier accounting firm in August. Have 2 years of industry experience from working full time while getting degree. Salary is $60k in a MCOL area.
I got hit up by a recruiter who is roommates with a friend from college & currently going through interview process for a staff accountant role with salary range at $70-80k.
I literally just started my public job & know if I stick it out longer I’ll get better opportunities?? But I’m never going to get my cpa because of my disability.
I really like public so far because I had a lot of issues with boredom in industry & I like the aspect of a staff role cuz my in-charge gives me to-do lists and I don’t have to manage a bunch of my own tasks (yet). I really really hated daily and monthly routines in industry and would have issues with forgetting once a month tasks.
Additionally my firm is supposed to announce market adjustments soon but I heard speculation they probably won’t do anything for new staff. If there was an adjustment or an option for A1 staff to take advantage of a retention bonus, staying wouldn’t be a question.
Idk I’m 100% financially motivated and got student loan bills to pay 🤪. Thoughts? Not tryna trash my resume with a 5 month job
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2021.12.07 22:12 itsameamore When you're afforded the opportunity to work from home, when and why do you think it acceptable for any caller, virtual or otherwise, to hear your child or spouse or pet in the background?

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2021.12.07 22:12 optunny Their monsters are just as friendly.

Previous chapter here.
I learned about humanity's monsters. From pale caricatures of their dead to eldritch gods lording over everything and beyond. There wasn't any decline in variety. I also learned one could eat too much popcorn.
The last statement was why I was bedridden. My stomach ached from consuming so much salt and butter. Jones had warned me about the dangers but I paid them no mind. How could something so good hurt you? I didn't have teeth for the kernels to get stuck in.
Given my bedrest I've been doing some light reading. Although I'm not entirely sure everything I've viewed has been made with education in mind. I'd ask Jones but she would probably tease me.
For now I was content to lay in my tank. A tub of water with jets for relaxation and to circulate oxygen. Jones called it a hot tub. I called that a giant stew pot. We both thought it was funny.
Thinking of her I thought about the visitors that we would be receiving later. The Ogriens. A mammalian race.
Skimming through the list of species that we share space with I had never realized how rare a non-amphibious or reptilian species was. The only other one we had besides humanity were the seltz. They appeared more as a non-venomous desert spider from Earth. A camel spider, only these had an actual hump in the center of their bodies that stored fats and a brain.
Our newest neighbors had recieved us well. Gifts were exchanged, some basic history, languages of course. Now, why were they coming here, to a steel mill, as their first offical visit? Well, for me.
While they had achieved FTL they still lacked behind on other aspects of knowledge. Namely, medicine. From what I was given they had an identical skeletal structure to humans. So, why hadn't they gone to a human doctor then? It was convenient for them to come here, closer. I wonder if this was some unwritten punishment for dating a worker?
The nervousness I felt didn't help my stomach any. They would be arriving today and I wasn't in any shape to greet them. I hadn't even changed the mucus on my skin. Still, that didn't stop the universe from forcing me out of bed.
"Doctor Vreeland, the Ogriens are here." I reached for the speaker, groaning as if I had a headache and not a stomachache. "Doctor Vreeland, the Ogridns are here." They couldn't be bothered to let me know in person? I don't ask for much but an actual person informing me would be nice.
Shutting it off before it can repeat itself a third time I go to move towards the other end of my tub. My suit is curled up in a ball, waiting to be touched. Contact with it allows it to swarm over me and lock in water before filling smaller tanks. Ugh, the gloves always end up backwards. I thought I had fixed that.
Slapping onto the floor, now I see it, the suit shakes off any excess moisture still clinging on. It's like a full body massage. Only this time I feel like a soft drink being shook. Without the water holding my weight the feeling of sickness is even greater on dry ground.
Going to the door I'm almost knocked over by someone running past. If they sprain their ankle they can find someone else to mend it.
Looking both ways now I determine it's safe enough to leave. The exit at the end of the hall was opening and almost closing in rapid succession. I got to the back of the line as only a few others were left. Why did it seem like I was the last one that was told the Ogriens had arrived?
Before I could get my bearings outside an arm wrapped around my shoulders and spun me around. Jones was grinning at me. Seeing her made my stomach flip in a way that the popcorn couldn't.
"Hey there, jellybean, feeling better?" Aw, she does know how to make me feel better. Wait, no, I'm not letting my thoughts go there right now. Business first.
"Not really. Have you been waiting here for me to come out?" There were impressions in the dirt where she had obviously been standing. "I hope you didn't grab anyone else."
She sort-of half smiled and looked down. Usually she was the one making me flush. She thought it was cute the way my gills would fan out.
"One or two." She shrugged. "All your suits look alike. How was I supposed to know?"
I hope you apologized."
"Of course I did." She waved an indignant hand at me. "I was raised with some manners."
"Some." I smiled.
"Yes, and speaking of manners shouldn't you be meeting our new friends?"
I looked over to the left where she was pointing, at the crowd, at the ship sitting idle. Remembering my role I almost ran to the edge of the crowd, Jones behind me, no doubt using me to worm her way to the front. She's clever like that.
The ship is triangular with a sharp tip, black and smooth with only a hint of dust from its landing. The only other color on it are folded golden wings, solar sails, I believe. There's no visible cockpit or windows but the outline of a hatch on its side is hissing open.
Twin bars slid out into the dirt and were filled in by steps sliding into place. From the hatch a figure stooped, put a large hand outside on the edge, then stood at his full height. There were hushed murmurs from the crowd, especially the humans.
Grey and white fur stuck out where the grey armor wasn't covering him. Bipedal but with a leg design like a canine, a shorter muzzle, and tall ears. When he put his weight onto the steps everyone quieted as they audibly creaked.
There were twelve but he crossed them in only three steps. He glanced at me, nodding, and scanned the rest of the crowd. I guess he was security. The claws on his fingers looked big and sharp enough to rend steel.
Something else I noticed were the eyes. They were front facing, like a human's, like a predator, but they weren't made for looking at a long distance. I'd seen them while... researching monsters. They had rectangular pupils, like goats, used for better nightvision. I should probably not mention that.
He was still silent but now he backed up beside the ramp. His ears were moving quickly, raising, flattening, or just spinning. When another, the one I had spoken to over text, exited I realized it was a form of sign language.
She was just as tall and just as muscular, but her's were more prominent. It seemed there was no sexual dimorphism in their species unlike humans. Her fur had been cut, almost like a military style, but where he wore black armor she had a bright red cowl with a face guard, a long skirt, and matching shirt with five scalpels embroidered on in black.
"Surgeon Lacrosse, it's good to finally meet you." I hope the translators are working. We only had so much time to interact with their species before important details were lost in translation.
"You must be the Head Doctor? The same to you, Doctor Vreeland." Her voice was quiet, smooth, not like I imagined. Watching too many monster movies made me think she would have sounded like she'd been gargling rocks or had laryngitis.
"I'm sure you must be-"
Whatever pleasantries I was offering were cut short when a trio of smaller Ogriens came bolting down the ramp. Lacrosse's guard snagged one by his torso and Lacrosse herself caught another by the nape of his neck. These weren't just small Ogriens, these were children.
"You three! I said to wait before running off!"
The voice belonged to another female. Bounding down the steps she grabbed the last child and propped them up on her shoulder. She looked just as big as the other two and wore the same red clothes, the only difference being she had three scalpels embroidered on hers with a blue whirl underneath.
"I apologize for the children, Doctor." Lacrosse politely said as she bounced the child she had in her arm. Wow, those were a lot of scars.
"It's fine, I'm used to taking care of adults that act like children." I got a snort from behind me, a pause, then a quiet 'Hey!' from Jones. Oh, I forgot Jones was here.
Sudddnly my stomach didn't feel so good. It's not that I don't trust her, it's that I don't trust her body. I hope she turned her heart monitor off.
"Continuing from where I left off," I had to pause again, to the trio's relief getting the children's attention, to moisturize my skin. Rubbing it in with my gills I was able to continue. "You have traveled very far, would you like to see where you will be staying?"
"Please, and thank you." Lacrosse smiled, fatigue in her voice similar to how I sound after doing an hours long surgery. I just noticed she has sharp and flat teeth. Omnivores, that's rare. They'll get along with the humans even better supposing someone doesn't give them a pepper.
The crowd parted for us and I'm aware there's a fifth person in our group. It could be rude to turn and tell Jones to go away but so far there hasn't been any incidents. The Ogriens don't seem to mind either.
As with the rest of the medical staff at the mill our guests rooms are aligned with ours. Unlike our own they will not have a tub of water to sleep in but bunks we picked out from the spares the mill workers use. Thankfully it's normally people getting burned so we had plenty of clean, hole-free sheets.
They had to duck even more to enter the hall. That meant putting the three children down which meant they were free to go running again. Surprisingly they didn't swarm me despite their stares earlier. Instead I heard giggling as they crowded Jones.
"Hey now, aren't you strong?"
They were poking her and jumping back and she was doing the same. Dancing down the hall until she led them back. I looked over at the three adults and saw them grinning at them. Whew. The last thing we needed was an incident involving children.
"Now, it will be cramped as we didn't have the space to spread out the beds. Our quarters aren't very big." I apologized.
"This is plenty of room." The guard finally spoke and he relaxed. He finally let his shoulders drop and wigh a loud pop cracked his neck. "Did you see the ship we came in? Who do you think had to hold those three pups the whole ride here?" He smiled, tired, but not in a way that expressed low spirits.
"Well, you are their father." Both of the surgeons said in unison.
"You hold them on the ship." The one I still hadn't been introduced to yet said.
"We hold them on planet." Lacrosse added. Wait, they're both mothers of his children? Fascinating.
"I know, I know." He yawned, showing plenty of teeth and a flat tongue wetting his lips. "Lacrosse, when are you and Hemmi going to start your studies?" So that's her name. I'll have to ask what the swirl on her breast means.
"That eager to leave?" Lacrosse asked.
"Eager to know how much uninterrupted sleep I can get."
"Are you sure that's what you want?" Hemmi this time, passing by him and swatting him in the nose with a tail I hadn't noticed before. They all had tails dragging the ground, how had I not noticed them until now?
I had been standing there letting them converse for some time now but now that the conversation was heading in another direction I cleared my throat. It was more of me making a rumble that shook the water and mucus in my suit but it got their attention. Hemmi looked a little embarrassed as she gathered the children and went into the room. Lacrosse and the mystery father only laughed at her.
"Well, I should let you all, um, rest." I said awkwardly. "Dinner is brought here so you won't have to get lost wandering the work grounds. That will be in an hour."
"Thank you for your hospitality, Doctor Vreeland." Lacrosse offered me a hand, one that looked large even by human standards.
I took it and squeezed, not worried I may injure her. I may be squishy but my grip strength has been honed restraining adrenaline fuelled accident, and sometimes not so accidental, victims over the years. Plus, with all the scarring on her arms I doubt my soft hands would do anything other than matt her fur. She seemed to respect my grip and returned it. It took everyghing in me to smile and not cry out given it felt like a door was being held against my whole hand.
When the door closed I was allowed to cradle my hand and silently scream. That woman's hands are diamond!
Speaking of strong hands one found my shoulder and pulled me against its owner. Jones laid another over mine, making me wince, but I appreciated the gesture nonetheless.
"You alright?" She asked and, despite my thoughts earlier, she was genuinely concerned. "She was pretty ripped. Those kids, too."
"I'm fine." I got out. Leaning against her she didn't mind my head making her sleeve wet with mucus. She knew it was a sign of trust for my species to swap mucus, even if she didn't have any herself. "Looks like you humans aren't the top dogs anymore."
"Finally." She sighed. That was surprising. Normally humans took some pride in knowing they were the toughest in the room, much less the known galaxy. "Now maybe we can stop getting so much pampering. Oh, I'm sorry for bumping into you! Please don't destroy my world with a cold!"
That's right. People did act a little different around humans depending on where you went. The one constant was that no one picked fights with them. Arguments, sure, but never anything physical. I could personally attest to their strength. As a doctor restraining patients, I mean. Not the other thing.
"You seemed oddly relaxed." I mentioned. We were going towards my room I noticed.
"Aren't you on your best behaivor when guests come over?"
"I am, but, it's just that..." Well, now I felt like I should stop. That maybe this isn't the time to bring it up.
"Just what?" By her tone I knew she knew and was accusing me of judging her. She was right, I'm ashamed to admit. "You thought I was going ro freak out over them?"
"Yes." I said. Now my stomach felt like I had stones in it.
Jones surprised me then. An outburst of laughter rather than anger, although I had seen plenty of people laugh out of anger, but this wasn't that. She gave me a pat on the shoulder as she calmed down.
"Jellybean, those are aliens. I know they're not werewolves." She opened the door to my room and ushered me inside with her close behind. "That's just weird to push fantasies on other people. Kinda gross."
Well, now I felt worse. Not only had I assumed the worst about my girlfriend but I pushed my own incorrect thoughts about her onto the Ogriens. I am the one that is kinda gross.
"Cheer up, Vree," Jones had a few nicknames for me. One she couldn't even say in public. "I've only got eyes for one cute alien. Besides, you wouldn't get hair stuck in my teeth."
"Oh, now that is kinda gross." I laughed at her and she did the same.
"Well, you know what to do when you feel kinda gross?"
She was still smiling but my brain missed the hint. Going through my medical knowledge I came up with an answer a little too quick that it seemed like a joke. "Take an antibiotic?"
"You take a bath. Silly."
The realization dawned on me as she approached my bed. The Ogriens really did have a lot in common with humans. I wonder what other social-
"You gettin' in or do I have to drag ya?"
Thoughts for another day. There are more pressing matters to attend to. Sudddnly I don't feel so sick anymore.
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2021.12.07 22:12 al52025 Who else got 1? They lasted about 3 minutes before sold out

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2021.12.07 22:12 Balloonergun Can't make a character

So I just bought the game but whenever I try to make a character it tells me I can't make one at this time is there a fix for this?
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2021.12.07 22:12 r3admym1nd Perspective on optometry schools

I was wondering if current optometrists or students could give me perspective on their reasons for deciding schools, and how it ultimately impacted them. I’m from Socal and have been admitted into WesternU, SUNY, and NECO, put on hold for SCCO. I’d likely save more money opting for WesternU in the long run, but I can see that the east coast programs offer good residency opportunities, and the appeal of moving to a new exciting city.
As someone working in the field, I’d love to hear an honest perspective on how you’ve made your decision for schools, what you wish you knew before you went, and how you made the most of your education (did you end up doing a residency, is it worth it, etc?).
I’d especially value your perspective if you are a grad or currently attending any of the schools I mentioned!
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2021.12.07 22:12 taylorfausak 2021 Survey Results :: Haskell Weekly podcast

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2021.12.07 22:12 IvanFKaramazovTR I love the design of the new Battle Rifle but... could 3-burst 450s (or lightweights) get a little buff?

They've always been kinda underpowered. I know the BR has cracked stats but it's worth having this discussion because we still have Chattering Bone, Bad Juju and Outbreak that need some love in both pvp and pve.
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2021.12.07 22:12 iTempestuous How does someone go about starting and promoting a creative project like a YouTube channel or something similar?

Hey everyone.
I know self promotion is looked down upon in a lot of places and that's completely understandable. I'm genuinely curious how someone can develop creative projects and spread them without bothering anyone with self promotion. Is there any platform or any place where someone could post their work for people to potentially evaluate it? Somewhere where people would actually want to so you could use that to improve?
I really wanted to ask this question since I was feeling a little lost at the moment. There's a lot of other aspects of life that aren't going very well and I wanted to delve into my creative aspects skills a little bit more to both take a break, but at the same time maybe work on something that would be fun to do and also potentially get a return in the long run after a lot of work. I don't want to go around channels spamming things to self promo as even I find that annoying most of the time. So primarily I'm looking for some direction on how someone can get better and promote their craft freely without feeling like you're bothering people.
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2021.12.07 22:12 Severe_Sleep9191 How do you check how many hours I’ve done so far ?

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2021.12.07 22:12 incumbent Update on my collection since it's been a while and I've gotten another shelf. Almost at 600

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