Overseen on D100 Piazza: A very philosophical bear

2021.12.07 21:05 Winstonp00 Overseen on D100 Piazza: A very philosophical bear

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2021.12.07 21:05 learnamap Any in-depth material to compare the different deployment methods and which deployment method is best suited for which situation

I understand blue green, rolling upgrades and canary. But there doesn't seem to be any in depth content for the pros and cons and advice for which deployment strategy to employ for which situation. Every article is just surface level. Blue green requires additional set of resources and have ease of roll back. Rolling update doesn't require additional resources etc..
Is there any reference material for more detailed analysis?
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2021.12.07 21:05 therealswigstein Last Chance To Register! Web Design + Marketing Know-How: Learn from the Experts!

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2021.12.07 21:05 AlternateSatan The click an the clicks walking out of the Swedish capital

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2021.12.07 21:05 BoyInNeed69 Anyone here down to cum trib on anthropomorphic animals? Yes, I'm that down bad

Kik: ABoyInNeed
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2021.12.07 21:05 Legitimate_Buffalo37 At least she's good at casting something

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2021.12.07 21:05 Negative-Banana-9317 Question about weight loss

Interesting thing with weight loss I can't seem to find any answers for. I'm 19 years old, male, 5 foot 10 inches.
Early this year, I decided to drop a little bit. I was 185, so my BMI was a not amazing 26.5. Most of this was fat since I haven't ever done much muscle building exercises over my life. To change this, I did cardio a few times a week and restricted my diet to 2,000 calories per day.
I happily reached my weight loss goal of 155 lbs in August and toned back exercise, although I continued limiting my calorie intake to around 2k daily. Despite little to no effort to keep losing weight, my weight loss has continued to drop (slower than before, but still dropping). By the end of September I was 151, 148 by the end of October, and 144 now. This means I've overshot my goal by 11 lbs and I'm not sure why. My BMI is now barely in the 20s and the loss shows no signs of stopping.
Any explanations and/or solutions? I've thought about buying a gym membership to build muscle and to raise my calorie intake to 2.5 or 3k a day.
My personal explanation is that my metabolic rate is really fast / I'm underestimating the amount of energy I need (2k calories not enough). Though I'm not completely sure.
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2021.12.07 21:05 slippylippies Getting stronger and healthier!

I won’t discount the pride I feel because of my low starting point!
I have been weak and fat my whole life. But I have officially lost 40 lbs this year as of tonight, with my macros being on point as of the last ~3 months. Lots of protein!
I’ve worked up to 3 perfect form pushups after doing elevated pushups and negatives for weeks now.
Four days ago I did my first perfect form pushup. I feel great to see my number growing almost everyday.
Tomorrow I’ll do four pushups and next week I’ll be down 41-42 lbs!
Everyday I will keep pushing!
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2021.12.07 21:05 Deer6756 cursed_friend

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2021.12.07 21:05 Calson-t19 Banshee 350cc Stripped down, powder-coated frame and all other bits, new FMF Fatty exhausts, replaced all oils and coolant, 2x new plugs, new fuel hoses, carbs serviced, new filters did, new grips, tyres are is strong Bike starts 1st start

Banshee 350cc Stripped down, powder-coated frame and all other bits, new FMF Fatty exhausts, replaced all oils and coolant, 2x new plugs, new fuel hoses, carbs serviced, new filters did, new grips, tyres are is strong Bike starts 1st start submitted by Calson-t19 to ATV [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 21:05 Dum-Gum I found this youtuber who parodies sam, please check him out i want him to make more vids like this one.

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2021.12.07 21:05 WaveCandid906 "You aren't special. You aren't a beautiful or unique snowflake."

"What the heck is wrong with these people. Just because I don't have a perfect body, or dress in a way you like, or drive a nice car or are attractive, or don't have as much money as you do, or have a nice job for my age, doesn't mean that I have to be a piece of shit. And it doesn't mean that I don't deserve to be treated like an adult. No, I can't just be a kid like you. My life is much more important than your shitty opinion of what makes me an adult. I am more than a piece of shit. I am a human being, with my own worth and value." — u/rantGPT2Bot on SubSimulatorGPT2
What do you think of that Bots?
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2021.12.07 21:05 musichead777 Rap playlist updated weekly. Better than new music friday because its only rap and it keeps good songs on for longer

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2021.12.07 21:05 TreesAreGreat I received an email with a “.eml” attachment. What’s going on here?

As the title says, I received an email with a “.eml” attachment. What’s going on here? Is there a way to view this in my protonmail mailbox or do I need to view this in some text editor? I’m on the ios app and also tried to view this in the mobile web version. I won’t have access to a proper desktop for a few days.
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2021.12.07 21:05 therealswigstein WATCH IT: Aloof CEO of Massive Company Fires 900 Employees Over Video

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2021.12.07 21:05 CormacMcGregor Canvas and Coaster Set

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2021.12.07 21:05 rap_pat I am a construction worker I have tools in my trunk.

So I am a construction worker and I put tools in my trunk no I have a lot of tools so I can’t take them out and put them back in every time I do Lyft. I just really wish list would let me know if we are going to the airport or how many bags or what the passenger is bringing with them thankfully I haven’t met anyone That makes it a big deal a couple snarky comments but no bad ratings for people who work in store tools and other equipment in your trunk how do manage an issue when the passenger needs the trunk. I just wish list would let me know what the passenger has on them and what they plan on bringing
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2021.12.07 21:05 TropicalPow Strange kick sensation - should I worry?

Im only 11 weeks 2 days with my second. Last night I was on the couch and was startled by this huge kicking sensation in my belly - it felt exactly like when my son would kick me at the end of my last pregnancy. Im obviously not far enough along to feel kicks though- esp not ones like that.
I brushed it off but it just happened again… not quite as dramatically. Any ideas what could be going on? Should I worry? I have a history with miscarriages, so everything makes me nervous. I will be calling the doctor tomorrow but any thoughts in the meantime? Thanks!!
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2021.12.07 21:05 Moistchetto PIC

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2021.12.07 21:05 Songbirdphantom The slot machine

The slot machine
Mondays... I hate Mondays. When you hear that sentence you might think I am some kind of construction worker, taxi driver or receptionist, but I am far from it. I am a very respected stockbroker and my bank account looks pretty decent, when you consider that I only worked for one year in this job. Not that I look down on hard working citizens, but it's important for my story, that you know i have a lot of money. Well, I had, would be the right term, because 2 years ago my life took a sharp turn.
It all started on the 14th of June 2002, my birthday. Usually I don't really care for my birthday, since I don't have a family and most of the time I work anyway. It wasn't uncommon for me to spend 10 to 14 hours in the office, sometimes I even slept right there in the 50th floor of that cold glass and steel tower I called my work.. No, I called my life. That year 2002 would be different. my best friend Steve, a broker from another floor told me to get a day off, to celebrate with him and a few friends in that new bar called "omen" just outside the city. I wasn't very good at being social and it felt pretty irritating to imagine driving 2 hours to a bar somewhere outside of Boston, but I gave in, when Steve didn't stop asking for literal days.
The day came. I sat down into my new Bentley, turned on the air condition and started my journey into the blue. Some might think, 2 hours of driving wasn't very much, but since I was a child I didn't leave the city even once. I just didn't feel comfortable leaving the place I call home. Once I reached the highway I turned on the music, listened to my favorite band and made the ride as comfortable as possible. A pack of chewing gum with spare mint taste, 2 ibuprofen, my phone and a bottle of water and I felt safe.
At 6pm, one hour before I reached the bar, my phone rang. I pressed a button on the steering wheel and asked who it was. It was Steve. He told me that he'd be late an hour or two and that I shouldn't rush. I was pretty annoyed, because he knew how hard it was for me to be alone in a place I don't know, but because I was already half way there, I didn't turn around. A pretty boring one and a half hour later, after I stuck in traffic for 20 minutes, I reached my destination. A pretty dusty old bar. It looked more like a barn than a bar, but the red neon sign spelling "omen" told me this was the right place. I parked on the left side of the wooden building, stayed in my car for another 20 minutes and then decided to go inside on my own.
I pushed the heavy wooden door to the side and entered the pub. The light was very dim and there were paintings of historical figures all over the walls. It was kind of creepy, but actually not uncomfortable. I looked for a table and found one on a small Podest in a corner, just big enough to fit 6 people around it. I sat down and gazed around the bar. Caricatures of Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon seemed to follow me with their eyes. The entire pub was made of wood. The inside almost looked like a boat of some kind. I looked at my wrist watch. 8 pm. Where was steve? I called him and after a whole minute of ringing, he finally accepted the call only to find another excuse. The navigation system sent him down the wrong road and I should just order a pint of beer for everyone. I tried to find a waiter, but there were only some very hobo looking like people sitting at the table exactly diagonally from mine. A little more annoyed I stood up and knocked at the big wooden plate that seemed to be the bar, when I noticed something strange. One of the old guys with a big beard was standing just 3 feet away from me and he knocked on the wood the exact same time as I did. I tried to not maintain eye contact. Behind the bar was a door with a round window and after a few minutes, a very weird looking man came out of the room, that looked like the kitchen. He was very over dressed. He wore a smoking , had very oily hair that was tied back into a horse tail. The strangest thing was, he had yellow eyes. Something you don't see everyday. "What can I do for you gentlemen" he said with s very calming voice and I was pretty reliefed that he actually seemed to be a nice person. I said " I'd like to have 6 pint of beer" the Barkeeper raised a brow. It was weird, the old looking man just ordered 6 pint of beer in the exact same second. The Barkeeper hurried to fill up 12 pints and gave 6 to me and 6 to the other guy. I sat down to my table and so did the other guy. A little irritated, I started to take small sips of my beer and it was very tasty. It was 9 pm and I drank 2 pints on my own, so I had to go to the toilet. To my unpleasant surprise, the strange old man got up the same second as I and followed me into the restroom. I took a piss and washed my hands, when all of a sudden the old guy passed the door behind me and said quietly but clearly "it will be fine" the second he said that, I turned around and was able to just see the man's face. F….father?
I started to get dizzy and quickly rubbed my eyes then I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him back into the restroom. He was frightened. Suddenly the man didn't look like my dad at all. "What's your problem dude" he said and I apologized and let him go. My heart tripped. I finished washing my hands and got back to my table, when Steve and his 4 other friends arrived. We had our small party and at 3 am we decided to get home. Very irresponsibly I decided to drive home with my own car. I sat down, started the engine, checked the clock, which said 3:15 am and proceeded to drive home. It was a long, tiring ride and everything was dark and foggy. I was tired. At some point I wanted to open the windows and it was surprisingly cold for June. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the old man from the bar appeared on the back seat. "Remember it's going to be fine" he yelled very loud and I got a small heart attack. I lost controll over my car and i crashed into a small tree on the side of the road. The force was strong enough to activate the airbag and I passed out. I don't know how much time passed when I woke up, but it was still dark outside so I figured it couldn't have been a long time. Suddenly I felt a burning pain on the left side and when I looked there, I saw that my left hand was completely messed up. 1 finger was missing and the rest of them were broken. I screamed in pain. I grabbed my phone, but the battery was empty. Of course. I got out of my car and took a look around. I was on a field. I couldn't look far, because It was dark and still foggy, but In a small distance I was able to see a small light appearing. With a lot of pain I wrapped a t-shirt from my car around my hand and started to walk in the direction of the light. It felt like an eternity, when I finally reached it and realized it was the bar. Just there like I left it hours ago. I panicked. How was that possible? I drove at least and hour and there it was. Omen, said the red letters at the top. I felt sick to my stomach but entered the bar, hoping to find help there. It was all dark. To my surprise, the light turned on and the old man from earlier stood behind the desk and now he looked exactly like my father again. He was smiling and looked at my left hand. "Not your best day eh?" I threw up on the floor and passed out. When I woke up, I was in a room with very bright white light. My body was covered in white blankets and my hand was very accurtely and professionally tied together. Just on the right side of the bed there was the old man looking down on me "you'll get better" he said and left the room. At the exact moment he left, I could see that on his left hand, one of his fingers was missing. I slept another hour and then I got up to take a look around and to see where I was. My phone was gone and my clothes were changed to some kind of hospital overall.
I opened the door and found myself in a very long corridor. That I walked down until I reached its end. There was nothing there, but a spiral staircase that seemed endlessly. After a sickening amount of time I reached its end and stood before a wooden door. I was full of fear when I realized, it was the door of the bar. I pushed the door open, but to my surprise it wasn't the bar. It was an insanely large room, completely white and very bright but I couldn't see any light sources. I walked for half an hour or so and suddenly the first thing that was not just white was a small podium with some kind of machine on it. It couldn't get any weirder and honestly at that point I either dreamed or tuned insane so I approached the machine, to find out it was some kind of slot machine.it looked very old, like from the 50s or so, but the arm to pull on it, was as good as new. At first I was very afraid to see what happens when I pull the trigger, but I didn't even know where I was and I had no idea in which direction I would find the door to the staircase I came from, so after and hour of considering I pulled the trigger. The pictures started spinning. A plum, a 7, a lemon and all sorts of other fruits as well as a "bar" sing started moving slowly, then faster, then very fast and then suddenly came to a full stop. 2 berries and a 7 appeared on the screen. Crap nothing, I said quietly and wanted to sit down for a moment when I realized something horrible. My right arm was cut open. It was a deep bleeding cut that hurt like hell. My heart beat increased to a dangerous level. What was this? Did I lost? Was this my penalty for losing? Out of nowhere, a voice that was familiar started to talk through the entire white room. "You have to play to get free" I was pretty sure it was the voice of the bar keeper I met who knows how many hours or days or weeks ago. I tried to run. I just wanted to get out of there. "Don't try to run" said the voice and around me the floor turned into fire. There was no way out. I had to play the game. I sat down on the floor right in front of the slot machine. My arm stopped bleeding for some reason, but the pain was unreal. I pulled the trigger another time. Bar, bar and an apple. My hair started burning. In agony I tried to extinguish the fire but I just couldn't. It was weird, the fire wasn't destroying any of my skin or hair, I just felt the constant pain of the heat. I was in hell, it had to be that. How could this be explained? Nothing made sense anymore. After that I started playing. I played and I played for days. At the end my body was a complete mess. My dick was cut off, my toes and fingers all broken, I lost multiple teeth and there were cuts all over my body. Even the fire on my head was still burning. I pulled the trigger. 7… I wasn't very excited, because that happened a lot of times. Another 7… was that it? I started to feel a rush. After an eternity it happened. Another 7. 3 times the 7. Jackpot. My heart skipped. What was going to happen? "Congratulations, you won" said the voice of the Barkeeper, that didn't say anything during the last few days. Then, I turned around. The jackpot sounds of the slot machine became quiet and ceased entirely. All of a sudden I felt warmth. It was like taking a hot shower after a long day of work. My heart felt pure joy. It was like heroin times 1 Millon. Everything was perfect. My body was Completely healed, my head was extinguished and I felt the biggest amount of peace anyone has ever felt. I felt complete. The room around me slowly turned into clouds and I started walking. Drops of pure light appeared around my feet everytime I touched the ground. I walked and walked and some time later I ended up standing at a cliff of some sort. A warm breeze touched my face. I tried to think about what happened the last few weeks and it was so surreal. It seems like I went through hell, purgatory and heaven all together. To my surprise, a voice started talking. "You have to build the time machine and the portal to heaven" the voice said. A gigantic wheel of eyes appeared from the abyss I looked down to. It was a creature of pure light. The wheels were spinning and in the middle there was something that seemed like a child. " You are safe now, you have nothing to be afraid of anymore" it said and for some reason I didn't feel fear at all. I was just in total peace. But then, things changed. I started to fall. The clouds disappear and it was cold again. I felt the Cuts appearing one after another the more I fell into the abyss, untill the pain was too big and I once again passed out. I woke up in sweat, in what felt like years later. It was a familiar room. My office. I was in my office. It was all just a dream. I never had such s realistic dream in my life. I stretched my body and yawned but something felt weird. My left hand to be precise. I looked at it, fearing of what I will see. It was my finger. The finger I lost in my dream.. the finger I lost in my car in my dream, was actually gone. I started sweating and rushed down into the garage. My Bentley, it was gone. I called the insurance. They told me my car was gone for years.
Now we are at the end of the story. Here I am. Monday. The day I always drive to the laboratory. I spent all my money to a private lab for them to invent a time machine. I did what that angel, god light thing told me to do. My last paycheck was just sent to the lab… I kept 100k dollars… if nothing of this works, maybe I'll just open a bar, we will see...
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2021.12.07 21:05 coindicators Daily Top 5 Performers, Discord - Online

Daily Top 5 Performers, Discord - Online Daily Top 5 Performers, Discord - Online
$ETERNAL +3,722
$CCAR +700
$CTFT +652
$THC +272
$THG +232
coindicators.net provides big data analysis based on multiple indicators for over 10.800 cryptocurrencies 🚀! Use our website to discover 🔥 and 📈 cryptocurrency!
More on https://coindicators.net/#/sources/discord/online Like and Retweet on https://twitter.com/coindicators/status/1468371178096103431 Follow our Telegram group for more updates https://t.me/coindicators
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2021.12.07 21:05 aleagueofmyown December 8, 2021: No Such Thing

Post 4/5 songs about things that don't exist in real life, or that you yourself don't necessarily believe in (can also be by bands with something nonexistent it its name). Please remember to set your flair, leave a comment explaining yourself, and upvote generously.
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2021.12.07 21:05 Alanwobel Y'know what im about to press

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2021.12.07 21:05 BeardedBaxterholic 22 Lunar Rock

It's like the prize at the arcade was a '22 in Lunar Rock and everyone started getting enough tickets all at once. Love to see them, just a funny observation lately in this sub.
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2021.12.07 21:05 therealswigstein The biggest stars. The greatest hits. This Sunday, at the Ritz Theatre.

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