Schedule Update

2021.12.07 21:10 Iamchange Schedule Update

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2021.12.07 21:10 BardonPlays Fires are always fun on the sub. Really enjoying recording this game.

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2021.12.07 21:10 ScarWeary Which one is your go to brand? And why?

I know there are a lot of different options to choose from, and not every brand makes all gaming PC parts, but I was looking into building a new PC. Wanted to know what your recommendations were, and why?
Case? Ram? GPU? CPU? CPU Cooler? PSU? MOBO? Keyboard? Monitor? SDD/HDD?
I have always been team blue, and team green, but this time I am open to different opinions!
Thank you!
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2021.12.07 21:10 NerdyPuddinCup The King of the Monsters at Sunset

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2021.12.07 21:10 iL_Porco_Rosso Dicas de como fazer o filhote parar com as mordidas? Já tentei um monte de método mas tá difícil

Compartilhem com vocês o que deu certo pf? Tem três meses que venho tentando fazer o danado parar com as mordidas e não consigo.
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2021.12.07 21:10 Wonderful_Chair4354 Which favorable nation would diplomatically recognize Hainan as a country if Hainan becomes independent from ROC Taiwan in 1990?

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2021.12.07 21:10 MySearchForFriends [21M] Hey, choose this post! OVER HERE!! (pics inside)

Here’s a picture of me in case you’re wondering!
Hello everyone. Been looking for new friends lately, so I’m hoping this time I’ll be lucky. I’m in college right now, studying Computer Science (physics is a pain in the ass). Another avid video game and anime fan (how original), although I’ve honestly haven’t had the time or drive to indulge in either lately due to how busy I’ve been. :(
I guess a fun fact about myself is that I’ve broken my high school’s record for the 800 meter race. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. :”)
I’ll leave it at that for now, message me if you think we got something.
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2021.12.07 21:10 2jz-GTE_Lover Somebody knows why the game don't wanna let me put the Fender flare spoiler on the car?

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2021.12.07 21:10 Leather-Balls How is Louie c.k. not included in the Netflix is a Joke Festival?

Are they excluding him or did he purposefully sit it out?
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2021.12.07 21:10 IIIRenegadeIII I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, but here it is again ZOS; we should be able to put helmets on companions.

Seriously, one of the dumbest decisions the development team has made in recent memory. A simple helmet. That’s it. Likely need to just tick a box somewhere in the game files and voila, companions have helmets.
The reasoning behind deciding to hide them was selfish and completely asinine. Take away player choice because YOU, the developer, don’t want the player to hide your creation?? WTF is that? With that logic, it’s surprising we can even change their default outfit!
Companions have been out for a while now, and there still hasn’t been a hot fix for this. Please, just get it over already and let our companions don a helmet!
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2021.12.07 21:10 msm17109 Thanks I hate it... pumpkin spice ramen

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2021.12.07 21:10 puggggz I just felt like having a quick vape and playing with tarot cards

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2021.12.07 21:10 Syphon88 If there really are parallel universes, somewhere there's an universe that has nothing but bass players looking for just one band to play with.

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2021.12.07 21:10 KSFX7 First Time Building Pc, need some help

Hi, so I'm just building a new pc (no ram yet), so i plugged it in and all the rgb works fine, and cpu fan spins, but case fans dont, idk if i should be worry or it just because it doesnt have ram.
(MSI B550M VDH + 5600G + FAN HUB) idk if this is relevant.
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2021.12.07 21:10 Charlee28 TLB: Changee & Ashile Sun Shippers

Why do you think the leads did not receive as much fan support as Hai Du and Leyan?
Personally, I think their story and characters are so much more interesting as they are both attractive, brilliant, and can fight!
Are there any other cdramas that have smart badass FL like Changge and hot alpha vibe but sweet ML like Ashile Sun?
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2021.12.07 21:10 stellasredditaccount 🌺YESSTYLE REWARDS CODE: STELLA20 🌺

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2021.12.07 21:10 potocoxinp Cool edit I found with Fank Ocean´s Facebook Story

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2021.12.07 21:10 WeChillinJose Here is an academic paper I wrote on Lil Baby

Enjoy. Formatting may be slightly off.
The Bigger Picture: A Freedom Song
The civil rights movement was backed by a soundtrack of political anthems from prolific black artists of the time, which came to be known as “Freedom Songs”. From Sam Cooke to Nina Simone, freedom songs were instrumental in bringing hope to a community that desperately needed it. Freedom songs were often based on hymns or soul music, as these were genres that were familiar to protestors of the time. Music was integral to the productivity of the movement, conveying unspeakable desires for change. Unifying their voices let protestors feel a connectedness with one another, this was particularly valuable for black and white groups who were working together. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013 following the death of Trayvon Martin and has been crucial in fighting for social change and justice for black communities ever since. In the Summer of 2020, a series of protests erupted across the United States following the death of George Floyd. One of these protests was led by Atlanta rapper Dominique Jones, otherwise known as Lil Baby, who would use this as the backdrop for his single “The Bigger Picture”. While they do not contain many auditory similarities, I will argue that “The Bigger Picture” does contain anthemic and socio-political qualities found in freedom songs from the civil rights movement.
Lil Baby specializes in a subgenre of hip-hop known as “trap” music. Sonically, trap music is recognizable from the use of hi-hats, booming 808’s, and heavy synthesizers. Lyrically, trap music is reflective of the reality from which these artists rose to prominence. Rappers typically depict the struggles they faced throughout adolescence and early adulthood. These problems often involve gang violence, poverty, and drug abuse. The “trap” itself is used to describe a house where drugs are produced and sold, representing “an insecure, abandoned part of an urban space that symbolizes the cruel reality of being locked in by systemic oppressions (Crawford, 2020). The irony of a trap artist whose music often is focused on taking part in illegal activities making a song that is supposed to act as an agent of social change is not lost on Lil Baby, who raps: “I can’t lie like I don’t rap about killing and dope/ But I’m telling my youngins to vote/ I did what I did ‘cause I didn’t have no hope/ I was forced to just jump in and go”. Lil Baby acknowledges the systemic conditions which lead to reckless decisions in his past and fueled his music career. After dropping out of high school, Lil Baby viewed the trap as a safe haven. With limited employment possibilities, this was a way for Lil Baby to support himself and his community. However, this dangerous lifestyle caught up with him in 2014, when he was incarcerated on drug charges. However Lil Baby is no longer an up-and-comer; he was amongst the top ten most streamed artists of 2020. With a newfound platform that allows him to voice his opinion to tens of millions of listeners, Lil Baby is determined to use it to spread messages that are important to him, such as racial inequality in the United States.
One of the most common qualities amongst freedom songs from the civil rights movement was an anthemic chorus which could be easily repeated by protestors. In “The Bigger Picture”, Lil Baby provides an earworm of a chorus which touches on both the painful history and the modern reality of race relations in the United States, rapping: “It’s bigger than black and white/ It’s a problem with the whole way of life/It can’t change overnight/ But we gotta start somewhere/ Might as well gon’ ‘head start here/ We done have a hell of a year”. Lil Baby uses black and white as a way to reference both racial inequalities, as well as the colours of police vehicles and uniforms to illustrate that the issue with current policing is more than racial discrimination; it’s about how they operate at the core as exploiters of the poor. While it is true that people of colour are killed and imprisoned more than white people per capita, poor people of any colour are targeted more than other demographics. This is no accident as police officers have quotas to fill and those living in poverty have fewer means to fight for themselves legally. Of course, those who have the least ability to fight back are the people who have had their wealth stolen generationally for the past 400 years. As a result, “a poor person of colour is more likely to bear witness to human rights violations, such as police brutality” (Richardson, 2020). Lil Baby also acknowledges the ultimate goal of these protests. Participants are well aware that systemic changes will not be put into place right away, but there must be some pressure applied to compel those in positions of power to advocate for these changes. Finally, Lil Baby addresses the circumstances which culminated in these protests. The killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, as well as the Coronavirus pandemic made for one of the most eventful years in recent memory.
While the protests that took place in the summer of 2020 have subsided, their aftermath is still being felt today. On the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Lil Baby joined the Floyd family in Washington D.C to sit in on a number of meetings where lawmakers were urged to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing act. It may seem unusual for a rap superstar to be present at these legislative meetings, but Lil Baby had remained in contact with Floyd’s family throughout the year, even throwing a surprise birthday party for Floyd’s daughter, Gianna. The following day, Lil Baby was invited to meet with Vice-President Kamala Harris at the White House and thanked her for having an open discussion with him.
Ultimately, “The Bigger Picture” is not only a song about current racial relations, but is also a story of Lil Baby’s personal experience as a black man growing up in the United States. Lil Baby uses these experiences to relate with and gain the trust of his audience, allowing his messages to come across as both powerful and sincere. He is not only ingrained in the social justice movement through his music, but through his actions. Like freedom songs of the past, Lil Baby is singing them in unison with his fellow protestors on the front lines. As hip-hop has become the most popular music in the United States, a genre dominated by BIPOC artists, it is only fitting that a rap song became the anthem for this movement. “The Bigger Picture” is a freedom song that perfectly captures a moment in time, and will be used as a tool to inspire unity and hope for years to come.
Works Cited
Crawford, Claire B. "Dreams from the Trap: Trap music as a site of liberation." Social Science
Richardson, Allissa V. Bearing witness while black: African Americans, smartphones, and the
new protest journalism. Oxford University Press, USA, 2020.
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2021.12.07 21:10 Creative-Ad3650 Here’s my newest video
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2021.12.07 21:10 Foxigion Yoo I have some W/F/L for you guys <3

Yoo I have some W/F/L for you guys <3
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2021.12.07 21:10 RLCD-Bot [Orange R3MX GXT] [Orange R3MX: Veracious] [Campfire] [Orange Krackle] [Burnt Sienna Burner: Inverted] [Orange Warp Wave]

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2021.12.07 21:10 JoeScam1 Looking for good budget-ish Brago EDH deck lists!

as the title says, I'm looking to find deck lists of budget brago decks around the ~$200 range if possible. I really wanna try out a blue/white deck and Brago seems pretty good! Open to other blue/white decks as well if there's better for around that range!
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2021.12.07 21:10 sadragboi Me: ride monkey king them: arctic reindeer

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2021.12.07 21:10 Armadillo-3722 What does Russia have to gain from invading Ukraine or the Nato?

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2021.12.07 21:10 Tender_Figs How did you choose your masters degree program and school?

Just as the title implies, what is your story?
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