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Shytoshi Kusama™ on Twitter

I finished reading shytoshi’s article on the Art Of Crypto War. If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it. As a diamond hand holder myself it’s important to know what’s coming from the leadership so we can better understand our investment in SHIB. This is a great example of leadership in this crypto space. This is transparency. Shiba Inu Coin ecco il videogioco Annuncio di Shytoshi Kusama sul SHIB game (ixcq) Come regola generale, gli investitori non dovrebbero condividere le… Shytoshi Kusama announced the Dog Park in their Medium post discussing CoinMarketCap's Shiba circulating supply, and a potential Robinhood listing. Here's what's in the Dog Park. Advertisement. Shiba Inu Dog Park. In recent months, SHIB has surged in popularity, hitting one million hodlers over the weekend. As a result, an increased number of ... Prominent meme token Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB) has been on a volatile ride of late, to say the least. Shiba Inu ambassador Shytoshi Kusama posted on Medium this weekend about a potential Shiba Inu metaverse game. Today, it seems investors are factoring in a more bullish outlook on Shiba Inu on this news. More from Shytoshi Kusama. Follow. Top Dog Shiba Inu www.shibatoken.com for all questions! More From Medium. Xbox Series S practically confirmed, priced at $299. Kostas Farkonas in Road to NextGen Gaming. Meaningful Video Games #45. Toyah The Writer. Playing the Game of Legacy. Christy Dena The Community Burns Continue… Shiba Inu burning is among the most discussed issues within the ShibArmy. While projects such as a SHIB Burn Party contribute towards the dead wallet, there seems to be a consensus that more burning needs to be done. On November 7, Shiba Project Lead Shytoshi Kusama responded to a comment that said SHIB needs a game to help burn coins. — Shytoshi Kusama™ (@ShytoshiKusama) November 25, 2021 FXStreet analysts have evaluated the SHIB price trend and predicted that the memecoin faces a resistance trifecta at $0.0000525. Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi Kusama just posted a cryptic tweet featuring Kanye West, leaving fans scratching their heads. Investors of the cryptocurrency have taken to Twitter in an attempt to work ...

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My period was supposed to start 11/28. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive! Is there any chance I could be less than 2 weeks along? I THINK I got pregnant on 11/27 but I don't know if that's even possible. Help!
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Les empruntant pour me rendre à mon travail depuis quelques années. J'ai voyagé heureux, triste, fatigué, de bonne ou mauvaise humeur. Rouler dessus a cette douceur qui laisse penser, au pieds des collines, au travers des prés. De rares fois par ces tracés, j'ai même voyagé.
Merci aux conducteurs, qui maîtrisant leur machines d'acier, défient le temps, les infortunes et qui parfois, avec la souplesse d'une plume arrivent au point B sans même nous secouer. Merci aux chefs de bords, pour leur rigueur, leur courage et d'avoir pu m'aider lorsque tout semblait gâté. Merci aux mécaniciens, qui par leur labeur et leur savoirs nous font serpenter tout sereinement. Merci aux aiguilleurs qui, avec leur pouvoirs et leur sagesse, parent les malheurs. Et à tous ceux qui œuvrent caché, sans qu'on y pense, pour nous conduire à toutes les extrémité de ces lignes.
Vous faites chaque jour beaucoup pour que chacun puisse voyager si loin et si vite, ce n'est pas rien, c'est même tout ce qu'il faut à chacun pour se retrouver, partager, découvrir et progresser.
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2021.12.07 22:09 aaron__47 Chaos TV! [Part 3]

Amy and I lay perpendicular to each other facing the ceiling as we contemplated new ideas. Jeff typed notes on his computer along with various other open tabs readily available for research, with Miles and Kelly plopped back-to-back on the giant beanbag.
“Maybe we can just do behind-the-scenes interviews?” Amy suggested.
“Yeah, or a press conference even,” I added.
“Mmm, that could work, too.”
“We can try both,” Jeff said.
“But how helpful is it really gonna be?” Miles pondered, tossing and catching a stress ball up and down.
“How helpful is what gonna be?” Kelly asked.
“Like, is us finding out who Frank is really gonna find us the answers we’re looking for? I mean, what if it leads to nowhere? What if Frank is just… a stranger.”
“He is a stranger.”
“I know, but like we discussed before with Fe, it could just be a pure coincidence that he’s cast in the show at all. How do we even know he’s relevant to our situation?”
Miles did have a point, and he didn’t make many of them. Even a broken clock is right at least once a day, or whatever the phrase is.
“We don’t know, but it might be a good start in the meantime,” Jeff stated. “He could hold the key in putting it all together.”
“A guy that only showed up for one season?” Miles argued.
Jeff shrugged.
“A guy that also has no name whatsoever,” I stressed. “You don’t find that a bit odd?”
“Sure I do, but we’re grasping for straws here,” Miles said.
“Well, that’s kinda the point,” Amy mentioned. “We’re using my Chaos profile to try out different things to see if they work. We may not get it the first time.”
“Yeah, kinda like how you didn’t pass your finals the first time,” Kelly teased Miles.
“Ha-ha,” Miles uttered, nudging her behind him.
“Ow, gentle now.”
“Alright, so a behind-the-scenes featurette first, like Anthony said?” Jeff spoke.
“Let’s do it,” I agreed. “We can try the press conference after.”
Amy nodded.
We searched for various behind-the-scenes promos from different films, including Diesel, a couple of Marvel Studios featurettes, some Christopher Nolan flicks, and even old Nickelodeon sitcoms we grew up with in order for Neptune to get a better feel for the format we were aiming for. Essentially, the goal was just to have the specified medium give us a name: Frank’s real name. That was objective number one. The one after that? Find out who or what killed us, if able.
Once we settled upon the featurettes most suitable, Jeff downloaded them to his PC in MP4 format. Jeff let Amy take control of the keyboard to put in her login information.
“Okay, don’t laugh at any of my shit,” Amy slyly remarked.
Just as she told on herself, multiple generated movies and TV shows, clearly in the romcom genre, popped up starring herself alongside multiple Hallmark, cookie-cutter, leading men each of us were all too familiar with. It didn’t take long for the snickering to ensue from the rest of the group, myself included.
“I said shush!” Amy snapped.
“Is that Magic Mike?” I pointed at one of the posters.
“Yes, it’s Magic Mike,” she said to me with much attitude.
“Is that one of the Jonas Brothers?” Miles added.
“Ugh, yes, Miles, it’s one of the Jonas Brothers!” she replied.
We laughed some more, despite our efforts not to. Poor thing. It was slightly humiliating, but hilarious, nevertheless.
She then proceeded to take the downloaded files from the folder Jeff saved them to and uploaded them into her Cloud. The promo didn’t need to be super long whatsoever, probably about five to six minutes on average, so generating the medium only took about a minute for the program to create. Even that perspective, compared to the time it took to develop a two-hour film, was mind-blowing in just the short period it required to replicate real human emotions, actions, body language, set designs, just about everything. How was it not sorcery, I kept thinking to myself?
Our newly-constructed medium was now ready for viewing. We tightly gathered around Jeff’s computer once again like children with our eyes glued to the computer screen.
“Okay,” Jeff said. “Lights. Camera… Action.”
With the cursor over the ‘play’ icon, he unraveled the promo with a single click. Interestingly, the first person to appear was Amy, serving as the narrator and lead tour guide for the promo. She wore a white t-shirt with a cute cartoon avocado drawing containing eyes, over a pair of ripped jeans, as well as her signature lime-green beanie.
“I don’t even own that outfit, but I’m kinda digging that style,” Amy commented.
“It’s yours now,” Kelly encouraged.
Perhaps this version of Amy - actress Amy - had a stylist put outfits together most suitable to her.
On-screen, Amy began to speak.
Hi, I’m Amy Nguyen, playing myself as Amy on the hit show Chaos TV!, and I’ll be giving you an insider scoop on the behind-the-scenes of what goes on throughout the set. You guys ready?”
“Hell yeah,” Miles mumbled.
The special cut forward to various sections of the apartment that served as the show’s primary setting. Neptune nailed everything down to a T, not a single prop or piece of furniture out of place. It was fascinating to see it all from a different perspective - one where it felt like we were actually on an actual set and not watching from the outside as spectators. So far, everyone seemed to be buying it as a legit promo.
On-screen Amy led us to the set design for her and Kelly’s room. In the show, she and Kelly shared their own room, while Jeff slept on the living room pull-out couch (out of his own will) and I slept upstairs in the studio room. There was plenty of space in the studio room for Jeff to sleep as well, I thought, but for whatever reason, Jeff slept on the pull-out bed anyway per episode. Jeff does what Jeff does. More room for me, I supposed, as well as privacy. Not like it really mattered; it wasn’t real life.
In the girls’ room, Kelly stood holding her script in hand, rehearsing her lines to herself. I’d be curious to know exactly what was written on the pages if it were to somehow slip out of her hand or Kelly were to turn and have the paper face the camera for us to see. I just wondered how far the program would go in replicating reality, as to not break its own rules and contradict itself…
Then again, it was Chaos mode…
As you guys may already know, this is Kelly Watkins,” Amy introduced to us on the screen. “Kelly, wanna go ahead and tell us about your role on the show?”
This copy of Kelly wore a black leather jacket and jeans on top of Ugg boots. That was definitely her style, so much, in fact-
“I’ve actually worn that a couple of times,” Kelly pointed out.
“Yeah, I was about to say, don’t you have that in your closet somewhere?” Miles said.
Those two, I swear. At this point, it was an unspoken fact that her and Miles were dating, I don’t know why they don’t just flat out say it already. For the rest of us watching, it was just awkward to see it drag on.
Kelly’s on-screen self began to speak.
Hi guys, I play Kelly - myself - on the show, and with Amy and I being the only two girls in the group, we basically hold down the team with our brains, beauty, and what’s that, sis?”
Together, they said, “Women’s intuition!”
“Yeah, basically, without us, there’s only chaos, and we’re here to keep the crew afloat,” Kelly said on the screen.
“Pfft,” Miles scoffed, as Jeff and I also shared similar expressions of disapproval.
Amy and Kelly - their actual selves sitting next to us - were living for it.
The promo then cuts to a clip from one of the episodes of both Amy and Kelly helping Miles and Jeff with a rather simple problem that neither of them, for whatever reason, couldn’t quite figure out. You’d think with Jeff, that wouldn’t be an issue, but he was purely book smart, not exactly street smart, and Miles was vice versa but entirely skewed against his favor. I was… somewhere in the middle.
Then Amy moved on up to the studio room, introducing us to myself, the unspoken star of the show, you could say. But I forgot, I was the worst actor on the series.
What’s up guys, I’m Anthony, and I’m the main star of the-”
“I’m sorry, the main what of the show?” on-screen Miles jumped into the frame out of nowhere.
Uh, guitar-ist! I’m the main guitarist of the show. Yeah, see?”
On-screen, I pulled out a guitar literally out of nowhere and into the frame. Good ol’ kids’ sitcom humor.
“Yeah, you’re still the weakest link,” Miles commented.
“Yep,” Jeff nodded.
“Thanks for reminding me, guys,” I rolled my eyes.
I am the main guitarist on the show,” my on-screen self continued.
I then proceeded to attempt a few notes on the instrument, to which Amy and Miles winced at second-hand embarrassment from the awful sounds that followed.
That’s great, Anthony!” on-screen Amy said. “You can definitely share your guitar skills with us laaaaater.”
Miles then looked directly at the camera, muttering, “Or never.
That got all of us, as we broke into stupid giggles. It’s incredible how amused we were at watching ourselves act out something entirely aside from real life, no matter how ridiculous or corny it seemed, yet, it reminded us so much of how we were in actuality together. On paper, I imagine it didn’t sound funny at all, but seeing it executed on-screen and brought to life by the five of us, we took it to a whole ‘nother level.
Amy moved onto Jeff, meeting him on his computer, working on whatever current project he always found himself drawn to at the moment.
“And this is our very own special tech geek, Jeffrey!” Amy cheered at the camera, putting her hands over Jeff’s shoulders.
“Eww, just stick with Jeff, will ya?” Jeff replied in his typical grouchy tone.
Our chemistry was unmatched. This is the main ‘fantastic five’ that truly carried the entire show… but as I thought that to myself, I frowned as another thought crossed my mind, with the promo continuing on and soon to wrap up.
“You guys notice something?” I said.
“Yeah,” Amy joylessly responded. “Frank’s missing.”
Kelly threw her head back in frustration. “Fuuuuck,” she groaned.
“I told you so,” Miles said.
“You didn’t tell us anything. It’s only our first attempt,” Jeff shot back.
“Well, then what’s next, big brain?”
Amy and I looked at each other.
“Press conference?” Amy shrugged. “He’s bound to show up there.”
“No, guys, we need a different approach,” Kelly interjected. “Don’t you see? If he’s not gonna show up in a promo when the rest of the main season 1 cast did, what makes us think he’s gonna do the same for a press conference?”
“I mean, who’s to say he just wasn’t sick that day, or something?” I suggested.
“That’s not what I’m saying. Frank’s not showing up because we’re not specifically asking him to. Like, am I right, Jeff? Is that how this thing works?”
We all then turned our attention to the computer genius himself. Jeff tilted his head side-to-side.
“Yes… no?” he answered.
“Wait, can’t you give it a personal script?” Amy spoke. “Like, can’t we just make up our own and set it up to specifically have Frank show up and say whatever we want? Line-for-line?”
Jeff looked dumbstruck, probably at the fact that he forgot all about that option and hadn’t thought of it first.
“That could work,” he confirmed, wide-eyed.
“So… press conference?” Kelly verified with the rest of us.
“The only thing is that using your own personal script kinda only works if you use it to generate a form of media with a solid plotline, like our show or a movie. You know, that type of medium.”
“So we have to write our own episode from scratch, basically?” Miles asked.
“Doesn’t have to be that strenuous,” Jeff said. “You can be as specific as you want by having the characters speak word-for-word what you wrote, or you can contribute just enough to the script to where you write the scenes and moments that happen throughout the show or movie - Neptune will just fill in the rest.”
“It’ll make up the lines for us?” Kelly asked.
Jeff nodded. “Just like before.”
“Okay, thank God, because I do not have the writing chops for that.”
“How specific are we talkin’?” I asked. “In case Frank still doesn’t give us what he wants?”
“Hold on, we gotta think, though,” a thought crossed Jeff’s mind. “He’s not gonna be able to tell us who he is in character. Not on the show, anyways.”
“Why not?”
“Because it would break the fourth wall. Yeah, it’s Chaos mode and all, but then we’d have to make sure to set up new rules to manipulate the confines of reality for the show, I’d imagine. Or, at least this particular episode we’re trying to create.”
Then Miles, sitting on the furthest end of our small huddled circle still playing with his stress ball, suggested something bizarre that was crazy enough to maybe work.
“You guys seen Deadpool?” Miles said. We all looked at him, perplexed. “He breaks the fourth wall all the time, and that’s a legit movie. Why not do the same?”
Nods of approval spread over all of our faces.
“You know, that’s the smartest idea you’ve had like… ever,” I teased him.
He threw the stress ball at my forehead, and I blinked as it bounced right off and onto the floor, leaving a soft squeaking sound.
The episode premise was simple; it was a complete rip-off of plots we’d seen from sitcoms we used to watch growing up, combined into one. The main plot would put more of a focus on Frank, with every scene and dialogue projecting the attention onto him. Basically, each time the fourth wall would be broken, the spotlight would have to be put more on him than the rest of us. As far as everything else that would lead to those moments, it was pretty much hectic. It truly was, as the title would mention, ‘chaos TV’. We truly didn’t care about making a whole lot of sense or putting things in complete chronological order simply because none of that mattered right now.
The main catch was that at random times throughout the episode, one of us (in Neptune) would break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience, and then just like that, go back to the scene at hand. To ensure that this went accordingly to plan with no error, Amy brought up a good idea to have no live audience or actual behind-the-camera crew present. Essentially, the episode would become a sort of pocket in space and time, sort of like how next-gen video games are.
The graphics have come so far to the point of replicating human physicality, down to the sweat from our pores and hairs on our necks, and it’s only gonna get freakier from there the more we innovate. Despite this, however, the lack of presence of a literal cameraman and director in the background of a video game should be an axiom; no one’s literally filming every single scene shot-by-shot of The Last of Us as you’re sitting there with the controller navigating the environment, even with the use of real actors conducting motion capture.
Our episode was no different. The show would run the same as it always did, except this absence of additional crew members would give ‘us’ - our actor selves in the show - more immersion into the episode, and less pressure from having people peering over our shoulders on what to say or do. As far as they know, they just exist in a reality of our own creation, and they had a script to follow - loosely follow.
And yet, something about the whole thing just didn’t feel right to me. It felt wrong, like an abuse of power. Like we were playing God. We could make them do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted; they wouldn’t have a say in the matter whatsoever, and still, none of it was as real as it looked. The blur between reality and simulated reality began to appear more and more difficult to perceive. This sensation that I became exceedingly aware of, which now grew within the deepest trenches of my gut, was akin to that of guilt.
But we had to do it. We needed to know.
The episode opened differently than the rest. I’d compare to the openings of Saved by the Bell or Drake & Josh, how there was typically always some sort of opening monologue of the main characters speaking directly to the audience. Except this time, it was me and the others speaking our own thoughts.
On the opposite monitor, Jeff had the script on full display for us to follow along beat-by-beat, showing everything except the actual dialogue that would follow. The sequence of events, as they occurred, were as follows:
Anthony delivers his opening monologue, speaking directly to the camera and ‘BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL.’
Jeff also delivers his own opening monologue in the same manner, speaking directly to the audience.
Nothing specific in regards to the subject of monologues mattered. We just needed them to talk, and eventually, once it got to Frank’s lines, later on, he’d have to directly speak his name out loud for us to hear. That was written in bold on the script. If everything went accordingly, the program wouldn’t have a choice but to follow as it was told. And from the actors’ perspective, there was no one watching; therefore, no one to sway their opinions. That included Frank as well.
My monologue started.
ANTHONY: You know, parents can be veeeeery annoying.
Wow, I was surprised it actually still cued laughter at all, considering that the set was supposed to be empty. I know we only filled them in to relieve the awkward silence that could occur between lines, but seeing it firsthand it was a bit unsettling…
ANTHONY (CONT’D): Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But when you grow up with strict parents, it can be very liberating once you finally do get away from them.
The scene cuts to Miles now, fixing a sandwich in the kitchen.
MILES: I’m adopted.
The delivery from Miles was genuinely the funniest thing we’d seen all day, it actually made all of us watching laugh, too. He naturally was the comedic relief of the group. Though, to be honest, anybody was a comedic genius when put next to my dull ass.
MILES: Great folks and all, but I can’t say I miss them.
Miles takes a bite out of his PB&J sandwich.
MILES: Mmmm, my mom makes it better.
It wasn’t even a funny line, yet Miles made it hysterical. It’d take hearing it in real time to really get the full effect; it was hilarious.
Then Jeff did his monologue. But strangely, he just sort of sat there on the couch, doing nothing with his head cupped in both of his hands. We all awkwardly watched as we waited for him to do or say something. Even Jeff watching himself on screen was taken aback by his strange behavior.
“Are you broken?” Miles said to him.
“Hell if I know,” Jeff remarked.
At last, on-screen Jeff gave us something.
JEFF: Hmmm.
Okay… that didn’t land like the last one. It was almost funny. Almost… but moving on.
AMY: Even though my parents weren’t too happy about me moving out of the house so soon, at least they’re happy knowing that I’m studying a degree that’s useful to me in the real world. Prostitution.
“Oh my god!” Amy laughed as her cheeks blushed red, and the rest of us followed.
“Damn, Amy,” Miles commented.
“What is this show rated?” Kelly wondered.
“H for hilarious, it seems,” I said.
AMY: I’m kidding! Of course not… of course not…
Then it was Kelly’s turn.
KELLY: Look, my folks know the deal when they come into town to visit. Don’t ask me about who I’m seeing, when I’m gonna see someone, if I’ve been looking who’s on the market, ‘have you thought about kids yet?’, ‘oh, I know this nice guy you’d really like.’
Kelly looks at the camera with a drained look of exhaustion.
It wasn’t necessarily her line itself that was funny, but the look she gave at the very end that sold it. Kelly gave a good face for the camera and used it to her advantage.
We all leaned forward and braced ourselves, as at this point in the script, the next person in line to do their monologue was none other than Frank. There was no hiding now. The camera then cut to him sitting next to the window in the studio room, which meant he wasn’t sitting that far off from where my on-screen self was currently present. He then faced the camera with an uncomfortably intense gaze, the same one he always carried with him in each episode.
FRANK: Parents… gotta love ‘em.
Jeff noticeably stirred in his chair, moving back almost as a flinch. I turned my head to glance at him and saw the visible shock in his eyes. What was up with that?
“You okay?” I asked him.
He said nothing, just kept staring back at Frank through the computer, and it took me right then and now to realize that Frank still didn’t break his gaze, the audience laughter still rolling in the background. He just kept staring… and creepily smiling. The booming laughter surprisingly continued to drag on for longer than expected. Now I was getting very uncomfortable, too, as did the others.
“What the fuck?” Jeff whispered to himself.
“No… it’s not,” Amy agreed.
“I should’ve written the lines, ‘cause this is ass,” Miles gave his two cents.
Jeff kept shaking his head in disbelief before finally getting up from his seat and pacing over to the other side of the shed.
“Jeff, are you all right?” Kelly asked him.
“Just change it,” he replied. “Just change it already!”
I was so confused, not only by Jeff’s behavior but also at the fact that Frank even still hadn’t broken his fucking gaze. The same with the audience laughing. It just kept dragging on, and dragging… and dragging. My God, what the hell was going on?
Finally, the scene cuts to the opening credits.
“Okay, what the fuck did we just watch?” Kelly spoke up.
Miles said nothing, just nervously shook his head and shrugged. He always kept his cool, but even he understood the uneasiness of the entire ordeal. Everyone did, especially Jeff, which was still a cause for concern.
“Jeff, seriously, are you good?” I worriedly asked.
“I’m fine,” he said, his back turned to us. He was lying, clearly. “Just… you guys keep watching, I need to get a glass of water.”
He then left the shed, closing the door behind him. The rest of us exchanged similarly puzzled glances.
“Is he okay?” Amy asked.
I shrugged. “No clue.”
The opening credits were almost over, and that had my attention again at the moment. I’d talk to Jeff about it later. He and I were the closest, so I knew he’d open up to me whenever he was ready. Still, that entire moment was very strange indeed, not just with Jeff, but Frank also. Those eyes…
“C’mon, let’s keep watching and see what else happens,” I said.
“Hopefully, less moments like that,” Miles mentioned.
“Yeah,” Amy scoffed.
What was even odder was that that wasn’t even in the script we created. We simply ordered for it to initiate each character’s unique opening monologue but mentioned nothing about revealing pieces of our true selves (Frank being the exception), to which, so far, it was sort of accurate?
My own thoughts on my parents were pretty spot on, I guess, and so was Miles’. Amy spoke about her parents having high demands and expectations for her basically her entire life, so her monologue wasn’t a surprise (and might I add, unexpectedly hilarious), and I could believe Kelly’s being true based on what she’s said about them.
But Jeff’s was… interesting. Mostly due to the fact that he didn’t say anything at all, really. Just a single ‘Hmm’. And then his abnormal reaction afterwards. We’d get to the bottom of it all soon enough, especially with finding out what the deal was with Frank.
Overall, though, the episode was just very off so far. It didn’t match the flow of any of the pacing of the previous storylines. That was to be expected when we all decided we could be professional writers. So far, it was all over the place. That awkward ass opening and just the chaos of it all…
I wondered if the program truly knew what it was doing. Now that we’d given it a more restricted plotline to follow, making it now forced to play along with the rules it was presented, I wondered if that’s why it seemed to be going a little bit haywire. Like it didn’t know how to compute or replicate the normal character behaviors.
The next scene opened with all six of us - Frank included - in the kitchen having a conversation about Frank’s parents coming to town to visit. Interesting how the show still managed to write its own plot even with the parameters we’d given it. However, considering how weird things were playing out, the magic of it all began to fade. Despite its remarkable feats, it became more apparent just how flawed the program was.
Amy and Kelly sit at the barstools, Anthony stands just aside from them on his phone, Jeff sits at the couch on his laptop, Miles eats his sandwich, and Frank stands off in the corner furthest away from everyone else, arms and legs crossed.
That was strange… why was he so distant from the rest of us?
ANTHONY: Uranus is the coldest planet in the Solar System… interesting.
AMY: Saturn isn’t? I thought it was Saturn.
MILES: ‘Your’ anus (laughs immaturely).
“Okay,” Miles spoke next to us. “This is by far the worst episode yet.”
“Who wrote these jokes?” Kelly shook her head.
“Neptune, apparently,” I said. “None of us did.”
On-screen, Miles then looks at the camera, his turn to break the fourth wall again. That part was in the script.
“Okay, here’s your second monologue coming up,” I said.
MILES: Oh, I know, it’s pronounced ‘Yer-in-iss’, but it’s just not as funny. In fact, truth is, I’m always overly humorous as a defense mechanism to shield myself from the world and the ever-so-lasting pain it causes. Makes me feel less vulnerable.
Kelly arched an eyebrow at Miles sitting next to her. We all could tell that he was visibly uncomfortable right at that moment. Matter of fact, I haven’t seen him that uncomfortable in all the years I’ve known him. He was always quite confident and shameless in how he carried himself. This was a first…
The mood of the entire show got thrown off even more than it already had been. Miles’ delivery was so uncalled for, and so out of sync. It had to be the unfunniest line he’s delivered so far. If this is the direction it was going, I was beginning to grow ill at ease myself at whatever unsettling truths my Neptune-self would blurt out on the screen.
Then Kelly’s line came next.
KELLY: Ugh, such a manchild.
KELLY (looks at the camera): Seriously, when are he and I gonna start having a serious convo about making our relationship public? When is he gonna start letting our friends, family, the rest of the world, know that I’m his?!
Now Kelly’s cheeks were flushed from embarrassment. Geez, I was getting second-hand embarrassed for her. I couldn’t believe what it was doing. When we asked for it to speak freely and directly to the audience, none of us had any idea what to expect. But this?
Kelly then gets up from her seat. “Okay, I think I’m gonna get a glass of water, too,” she announces.
“Wait, Kelly,” Miles tries to get her to stay.
But she walks off, closing the shed door behind her. Miles restlessly rubbed his temples.
“What the fuck?” he moaned.
Amy and I shared awkward glances. But honestly, who didn’t know? That being said, the situation would be embarrassing for anyone, and I genuinely felt bad for both of them.
“Oh shit,” Amy uttered.
I then turned to where her attention was now directed, and then I realized what she was so distressed about. Her line and ‘fourth wall break’ was next.
AMY (to Kelly): Unique. That’s all he is. He’s our ‘special’ one.
In real life, Miles then looked to Amy. “Fuck you, too,” he hissed in a playful manner. I suppose it was playful.
Amy shook her head, speechless, hands fluttered in a mess, not knowing what to say.
“She said it, not me,” Amy pointed at the screen.
“That is you!” Miles shot back.
“I-I don’t know what to tell you.”
I paid attention to the script, scrolling down to catch up with the episode. Miles had another line after that.
MILES: Special? Aww, I’m special?
“No, bitch,” Miles said to himself on the screen. “Don’t let them do you like that. Gosh dammit!”
Sorry, I laughed. There was really nothing else to do in the sheer awkwardness of the moment. The program had truly gone rogue at this point, and the show was now living up to its name. The thing was, I didn’t quite understand why it chose these particular lines. Randomness was to be expected for this particular episode, since we didn’t prioritize plot structure, but Neptune should know to make things tie and flow together in some way, regardless of what few variables one gives it to work with. And considering that the actors were technically unsupervised in this current medium, they could honestly say whatever they wanted, so long as it makes some sort of sense.
Yet, that wasn’t the case. I’ve seen it carry out this task of working with little to nothing before with no issues and to my surprise. The AI was typically pretty smart. Why was it acting so inexperienced now? This wouldn’t even pass for quality entertainment if it were to air on television or streaming services. Everything in Neptune had quality - at least, they were supposed to.
AMY (to the audience): You know, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think something’s up with Frank? Lately, he’s been acting kind of strange. Then again, he’s always been a bit odd, but now, I don’t know. I would definitely keep my eye on him.
Amy let out a sigh of relief. “Thank God for not saying anything else, my evil twin,” Amy muttered. I chortled at her.
Then my eyes followed down the pages of the script once more, and suddenly grew wide-eyed with excitement.
“Oh shit, guys, Frank’s line is next,” I advised.
“C’mon, Franky,” Miles mumbled, scooting closer to the screen next to us.
We warmed him up this far, so now Frank should have no issue playing along with the rest of the cast.
FRANK (stares directly at the camera): …
He wasn’t saying anything. Just blankly staring again…
“C’mon, man!” Miles shouted. “Stick to the script!”
I went ahead and made sure the script detailed precisely what needed to be said.
Frank states his FULL NAME and state of residence and utters his own unique monologue to the audience.
All he had to do was follow along. Just follow along, Frank…
FRANK (still staring at the camera): …
Amy sighed in frustration as I smacked my mouth, just as irritated. What was his deal? Why was he so damn difficult?
“There’s no typo or anything, is there?” Miles asked.
“No, there’s no typo,” I assured.
“Well, just check.”
“Bro, there’s no typo.”
“Here, let me see something,” Amy chimed in, taking hold of the mouse.
She merely moved the mouse just a bit to view the timeline bar at the bottom of the screen. Miles and I also looked to see how much time was left in the episode, and to our bewilderment, the current place in time was 4 minutes and 32 seconds out of… double-hyphen?
There was no set runtime. It seemed to just run on forever. As Amy moused over the rest of the timeline bar, the previewed image remained of Frank’s still face going on for what seemed like forever. To test this, she clicked on a random spot on the timeline, fast-forwarding to 15 minutes in the episode, and still… Frank just stood there, almost lifelessly.
My heart was pounding now, and Miles and Amy anxiously looked at me as well for validation. We all shared the same palpable sensation, a tension that penetrated the airwaves of the small shed.
We were afraid. He could see us…
“Turn it off,” I told Amy.
Amy clicked to exit out of the program, but it seemed frozen and not following her command. She relentlessly clicked on the left mouse key.
“What the fuck?” she exclaimed.
Miles leaned over, pressing down and holding his finger against the power button, shutting the computer off entirely. I was thankful he did that, so long as we didn’t have to look at that creepy ass face any longer. Hopefully, Jeff didn’t have any unsaved work open.
“Well that was a fucking fail,” Miles angrily remarked.
I met with Kelly on Jeff’s porch sometime later. She sat on the steps, gazing out in the gray sky, deep in thought, no doubt.
“Hey,” I said.
“Hey,” she responded.
“We finished the episode.”
“I heard. Amy told me what happened.”
The program didn’t follow a damn thing we told it to - not anything that would’ve led us further into finding out Frank’s deal. It’s as if it intentionally disobeyed…
I could tell she was still upset by what unfolded back in the shed, and I don’t blame her.
“For the record, about you and Miles,” I started. “... We kinda all knew. Aaaaand… I think it’s kinda sweet.”
She looked at me and smiled. “I know.” She shrugged. “It’s not something I was really trying to hide. Can’t say the same for Miles, but hey, I can only do so much, ya know?”
I nodded.
“It was just the fact that it knew that about us,” she went on. “How did it even know? The way it could read our thoughts almost…”
I shared her same concern. It knew us too well, based on just the few things we provided with it, ID’s, birth certificates, etc. Those were integral pieces of information, granted, but how did it fetch everything else based on knowing our identities? The thought of how began to unsettle me even more.
“What I don’t understand is why weren’t you exposed in some way?” Kelly shot the question.
“What do you mean?” I said, sounding slightly defensive.
“It knew everyone’s deep secrets and thoughts except for yours. And Frank’s, I guess. Apparently, he didn’t say anything, even though we told him to.”
I shook my head. “I don’t know,” I answered honestly. “Maybe it had something to do with me being the source? The medium started on my profile first. Maybe the transcribed data is still based off my information alone.”
But Kelly seemed skeptical. “Maybe,” she said. “I don’t remember Jeff having a line either. Did he end up saying anything after I left?”
I almost forgot about that. It took me up until now to realize he sure as hell didn’t say anything the whole episode - besides that weird ‘hmmm’ during his opening monologue.
I shook my head. “No, he didn’t,” I replied. “But we all saw him leave the shed. Clearly, something triggered him to do that.”
Like I said, he and I were the closest, and like the friend that I was, I needed to check on him. So I knocked on his door.
“It’s Anthony,” I announced.
“It’s open,” he replied.
I let myself in, finding Jeff sitting on his bed, tossing a tennis ball back and forth against the wall across from him as he caught it and threw it back.
“That’s what that thumping was,” I noted.
“Yep,” he said.
“We were worried about you back there.”
“Sorry I scared you.”
I sat at the foot of the bed across from him.
“Do you… want to discuss it?” I asked him.
The ball ricocheted back to Jeff, and this time he caught it tightly in his hand and didn’t throw it back. He just eyed it in his palm, pondering.
“He was looking at me,” Jeff quietly spoke.
“Who was?”
“We never even specified the topic of parents being in the script, either.”
“Wait, what do you mean? Who was looking at you?”
“When it was Frank’s turn to speak, the first time? And when he turned to face the camera, I could just feel it… he was speaking directly to me. No one else.”
The thought of it sent chills down my spine. And I knew he wasn’t lying because Miles, Amy and I experienced the same terrifying realization back in the shed. The file, or damn the whole program, was corrupt.
“How can you be sure?” I questioned anyway.
He then turned to face me, glassy-eyed.
“My parents have been dead for years,” he said, shaking his head. “They were murdered. How could it know that?”
I thought I knew everything about Jeff. Clearly, that was further from the truth. But apparently, Neptune knew more about Jeff than I ever could have hoped. And that also begs the question still. Who the hell was Frank? And why was he so significant in all of this?
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